Serenity in 3D


Since 1987 NIEVO has risen up the ranks of real estate capabilities, creating a strong presence across Bangalore, Pune and Belgaum. Its portfolio includes an exhaustive list of turnkey developments in residential, commercial, industrial, infrastructure, educational, healthcare and community projects.

Each NIEVO project is an archetype of evolved thinking, from concept to closing. This thinking finds expression in the intelligent approach to planning, meticulous attention to architectural nuances, strict adherence to quality and time commitments, transparent and straightforward business practices, and unflinching customer focus that have become the NIEVO standard. Over the decades, NIEVO has mastered the art of building not just fantastic living spaces, but also immense trust and admiration. It is this eye for detailing that has earned NIEVO the whole-hearted thumbs-up of thousands of thrilled customers.

Driven by the passion of doing things differently, NIEVO is set to transform the landscape of real estate into its next stage of evolution.

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